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What's new?

  • The app now includes a tablet version with a fully adapted interface
  • Users can now set price levels for TP, SL, and Price by selecting them directly on the chart
  • We've introduced support for new chart types, including Line with Circles, Step Line, and Scatter
  • Resolved the issue causing slow addition of symbols to favorites
  • Fixed bugs related to the display of interface elements on certain devices
  • Added indicators: Ehlers Hilbert Transformer, Folded RSI, Motion Smoothness Index, Anchored Momentum, Ehlers Average Error Filter, Ehlers Phase Calculation, Garman Klass Volatility, Ehlers Reflex Indicator, Ehlers Trendflex Indicator, Hybrid Convolution Filter, Absolute Price Oscillator, Dynamically Adjustable Filter, Ehlers Noise Elimination Technology, Guppy Count Back Line, Double Smoothed Stochastic, Center Of Linearity, Karobein Oscillator, Recursive Stochastic, Apirine Slow RSI, Ehlers Reflex Oscillator, Closed Form Distance Volatility, Ehlers Signal To Noise Ratio, Ehlers Fisherized Deviation-Scaled Oscillator, Adaptive Ergodic Candlestick Oscillator, Ehlers Hann Window Indicator, Linda Raschke (3/10) Oscillator, Chande Composite Momentum Index, Ehlers Detrended Leading Indicator, Parametric Kalman Filter, Ehlers Truncated BandPass Filter, Ehlers Fisher Transform Indicator, Hurst Cycle Channel Clone Oscillator, Mobility Oscillator, Ehlers Spearman Rank Indicator, Ehlers Simple Window Indicator, Nth Order Differencing Oscillator, Ehlers Squelch Indicator, Ehlers Triangle Window Indicator, Ocean Indicator, Trend Step, Rex Oscillator, Ehlers FM Demodulator, Ehlers Stochastic CG Oscillator, Premier Stochastic Oscillator, Regularized Exponential Moving Average, Ehlers Voss Predictive Filter, Ehlers Triple Delay-Line Detrender, Natural Directional Combo, Turbo Trigger, Quantitative Qualitative Estimation, Ehlers Simple Clip Indicator, Right Sided Ricker Moving Average, Well Rounded Moving Average, Shape Shifting Moving Average, Square Root Weighted Moving Average, Variable Moving Average, Ehlers Hann Moving Average, Cubed Weighted Moving Average, Variable Adaptive Moving Average, Multi Depth Zero Lag Exponential Moving Average, Natural Moving Average, Repulsion Moving Average, Hull Estimate, Ehlers Moving Average Difference, Moving Average Adaptive Q, Rahul Mohinder Oscillator, Parametric Corrective Linear Moving Averages, Max Gain and Loss, Smoothed Delta Ratio Oscillator, Pivot Detector Oscillator, Recursive Differenciator, Natural Directional Index, TFS Tether Line Indicator, Variable Index Dynamic Average, Relative Momentum Index, Ehlers Deviation Scaled Super Smoother, Kaufman Binary Wave, Damped Sinewave Weighted Filter, Natural Market River, The Vostro Indicator, Modular Filter, Extended Recursive Bands, Stationary Extrapolated Levels Oscillator, Relative Difference Of Squares Oscillator, Kalman Smoother, Trigonometric Oscillator, Natural Market Slope, Natural Stochastic Indicator, Running Equity, Sequential Filter, Enhanced Index, Sigma Spikes, Statistical Volatility, Ergodic Mean Deviation Indicator, Ehlers Decycler, Trend Analysis Index, Logistic Correlation, Blackman Filter, Ehlers Noise Elimination Technology RSI, Quadratic Regression, Trending True Range, Linear Correlation Oscillator, Rolling Linear Regression Channel, Inverse Fisher Z-Score, Average Absolute Error Normalization, Daily Average Price Delta, MACD Leader, TTM Scalper Indicator, Bollinger Bands Breakout Oscillator, Ehlers Instantaneous Trendline, Quick Moving Average, Stochastic Distance Indicator, Ehlers Detrending Filter, Squeeze Index, Velocity Indicator, Gann Trend Oscillator, Semaphore Signal Level Channel, Absolute Strength Index Oscillator
Version 3.1.6

Installation of the beta version

Choose this version if you can't install the app from Google Play or want to get updates as soon as possible.

When you download an .APK file from external sources, such as websites or other apps, you should permit your device to install .APK files.

Find the appropriate path for your device in the list below:

  • Google Pixel: Settings > Apps and notifications > Advanced > Special app access > Install unknown apps > Choose your browser app > Allow from this source
  • Huawei: (Android 8 and earlier): Settings > Security & privacy > More > Install unknown apps > Choose your browser app > Allow app installs
  • Huawei (Android 10+): Settings > Security > More settings > Install apps from external sources > Choose your browser app > Allow app installs
  • Motorola: Settings > Apps & notifications > Choose your browser app > Install unknown apps > Allow from this source
  • Oppo: Settings > Additional settings > Safety & Privacy > Install Apps from Unknown Source > OK
  • OnePlus: Settings > Apps & notifications > Special app access > Install unknown apps > Choose your browser app > Allow from this source
  • Sony:Settings > Apps & notifications > Special app access > Install unknown apps > Choose your browser app > Allow from this source
  • Samsung (Android 8 and earlier): Settings > Lock screen and security > Unknown sources > OK
  • Samsung (Android 10+): Settings > Apps > Special access > Install unknown apps > Choose your browser app > Allow from this source
  • Xiaomi (Android 8 and earlier): Settings > Additional settings > Privacy > Unknown sources > OK
  • Xiaomi (Android 10+): Settings > Privacy protection > Special permissions > Install unknown apps > Choose your browser app > Allow from this source

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